Programs for Job Seekers

Job Services

Job boards and classified ads only include about 20% of all available jobs. The Urban League can help you access personal connections and referrals to employers, as well as other resources. By signing up to be a Bronze Member, you will be connected with featured employer seminars and job leads. We’ll make sure you are ready to stand out to employers, including resume and cover letter help and interview practice. 

Want to dive deeper, get advanced training, or additional services? Please submit an Online Membership Application, or complete the Membership Application PDF and return it to Miriam Maldonado at . You can also complete this application in person at the Urban League Center for Economic Development & Workforce Training or the Park Edge/Park Ridge Employment & Training Center. 

Career Academies

The Urban League offers a variety of accelerated career academies focused on in-demand industries and occupations. In addition to classroom instruction, some academies include internships and hands-on training opportunities. Participants are connected with preferred employer partners and are often quickly hired into good-paying positions. All academies are free to participants. 

Foundations Work Readiness Core Training Program

The four week Foundations Work Readiness Core Training course provides job seekers professional skills training in the areas of accountability, time management, teamwork, self-esteem, problem solving, conflict management, and goal setting. In addition to learning how to find appropriate jobs online, job seekers also learn how to effectively communicate their value to employers in written form through resumes, cover letters and job applications, as well as in person when behavioral interviewing. You will also receive basic financial literacy training and health/wellness training to help you stay in your job longer. Included is a one week computer training for job seekers who need to acquire basic computer skills. Job seekers learn the basics of using the computer, file management, email and internet. You will also learn the basics of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create your resume, cover letters, complete online applications, perform online job searches, create a budget and develop a presentation.

Workplace Skills Training [National Work Readiness Credential (NWRC)]

This training provides the job seeker with critical skills and strategies that increase your ability to analyze information in four main work skill areas essential for any job:

  • Workplace reading: quickly and accurately comprehend job related written materials (policies, manuals, instructions, handbooks, assignments, etc.).
  • Workplace Math: become effective at using math to define and solve problems that occur while on the job.
  • Workplace Active Listening: actively listen and decode directions, workplace communications and conversations to have positive interactions with managers and coworkers.
  • Workplace Situational Judgement: assess, respond and make the best decisions in various situations that occur on the job involving customers, co-workers, superiors, subordinates, suppliers, and other workplace professionals.

Job Club

Drop into our Park Edge/Park Ridge Employment & Training Center at 658 S. Gammon every Monday or Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm to receive help from our on-site employment specialists with:

  • Job leads
  • Resume & cover letter help
  • Open computer lab
  • Job application assistance
  • Mock interviewing

Fatherhood Responsibility Program

In an effort to strengthen families, our Fatherhood Responsibility Program assists the fathers of economically disadvantaged children in finding and keeping living wage jobs, increasing their involvement with their children, and managing child support obligations.

Participants in the program receive:

  • Career Counseling Services: Our career counseling services include job search and job placement assistance, training in job readiness and workplace expectations, occupational skills training in some instances, and employment retention and career planning services for up to two years.
  • Fatherhood Development Workshops: These workshops are designed to deepen fathers' relationships with their children by addressing issues of responsible parenting, visitation, and custody. Weekly workshops are led by trained facilitators and focus on personal development, life skills, parenting skills, and interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Individualized Case Management: Urban League's approach to individualized case management includes information about and assistance navigating the family court system, help developing manageable support orders, and referral to other support services including adult basic education, AODA and mental health counseling, housing, and many more.

Additionally, because many services are provided in a group setting, participants learn in a peer-support system, sharing experiences and pushing each other to overcome obstacles.