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Join the Urban League of Greater Madison Guild and volunteer to help advance our mission. 

Guild volunteers contribute thousands of volunteer hours each year and fulfill a pivotal role in connecting the Urban League’s mission to the communities we serve. Guild members act as tutors and mentors, helping community members develop leadership skills and engage them in the issues that shape their lives. The Guild also helps raise funds for ULGM programs and services, and act as goodwill community ambassadors for the Urban League affiliate movement. Complete the form below to pay your ULGM Guild annual membership dues.

The ULGM Guild is part of the National Council of Urban League Guilds. Established in 1942 by Mollie Moon, the National Council of Urban League Guild is an auxiliary volunteer group that supports the Urban League movement. Throughout its history, the Guild has stimulated, developed, and promoted volunteer advocacy through local Urban League Guilds. The work continues today – empowering communities and changing lives.

ADVANCE Your Career!

Job boards and classified ads only include about 20% of all available jobs. The Urban League can help you uncover the other 80%! We offer an array of FREE job training, placement, and coaching services as well as access to a network of the region’s premier employers.

Our Locations

Center for Workforce & Economic Development
2222 S. Park St. | Madison, WI 53713

Southwest Madison Employment Center
1233 McKenna Blvd. | Madison, WI 53719



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We rely on over 500 volunteers, 10,000 hours of volunteerism, donations from individuals, and sponsorship of our events and programs to ensure our services are free. Join us in fulfilling our mission!

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