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December 2015

In Business Magazine:?Dr. Ruben Anthony, Jr. Visioning through an equity lens

12/17/15 WMTV:?Former Police Chief Wray now working with United States Department of Justice

12/23/15 WKOW-27:?Urban League reports 51% increase in job placement, plans to see more in 2016

November 2015

11/02/15 WKOW-27:?Digging Deeper: Wisconsin’s Graduation Gap

11/07/15 of Hope’ celebrates 20 years of making a difference

11/17/15 on Tuesday: Dr. Ruben Anthony

October 2015

In Business Magazine:?League Leader: Urban League President/CEO wants a seat at the table

September 2015

09/14/15 League awards Jonathan Gramling, YWCA with Whitney Young honors

09/18/15? The Cap Times:?Plain Talk: Gramling, YWCA deserve Urban League’s accolades

09/21/15 Forward Forum:?ULGM Interview with John Quinlan

09/22/15 “Love, Peace, and Soul”?

09/25/15 WKOW-27:?Urban League hosts Urban Cabaret

09/30/15 Middleton-Cross Plains:??Brown Honored By Urban League

August 2015

08/18/15 WKOW-27:?United Way of Dane County & Urban League host Job Readiness Fair

08/21/15 WKOW-27:?Job readiness boot camp in Madison

08/21/15 Sciences focusing on transportation management, minority hiring

June 2015

6/29/15 WKOW-27:?Ed Lee promoted to Senior Vice-President of Urban League of Greater Madison

6/18/15 WKOW-27:??Community leader says shooting highlights nationwide racial tensions

6/11/15 says his history will help him as Madison Urban League CEO

May 2015

5/15/15 The Capital Times:?Madison businesses can’t escape ‘Old boys’ club’ stereotype?

5/15/15 Moving people out of poverty important for economic growth, social justice

5/15/15 The Madison Times:?UW Educational Lab Celebrates 5th Anniversary

5/15/15 Wisconsin Public Radio:?Madison Urban League Seeks Criminal Justice Reform?

5/14/15 Channel level of commitment at Economic Development & Diversity Summit

5/8/15 WSJ:?Visiting MSO singer reaches out with a message

5/8/15 WSJ:?Diversity survey results to be unveiled at MadREP, Urban League summit

April 2015

4/9/15 WSJ:?Blacks gain historic presence on Madison City Council

March 2015

3/30/15 Channel 3:??New Urban League CEO is great choice

3/27/15 Capital Times:?Ruben Anthony named new CEO of the Urban League of Greater Madison

3/27/15 WMTV 15:?Urban League of Greater Madison announces new CEO

3/27/15 Channel 3:?Madison Urban League names new CEO

3/28/15 WSJ:?Ruben Anthony is new CEO of Urban League of Greater Madison

3/9/15 Wisconsin Gazette:??Urban League statement on death of Tony Robinson

February 2015

2/6/15 WSJ:??MadREP-Urban League second summit set for May 14

2/1/15 The Star:?MadREP, ULGM to host joint Economic Development and Diversity Summit?

January 2015

1/19/15 WKOW:?Hundreds of Madison students spend MLK day giving back

September 2014

9/20/14 WSJ:?Urban League to expand employment services program with $100,000 grant

August 2014

8/30/14 WSJ:?Urban League program offers tenants a path to home ownership

June 2014

6/2/14 Marshfield Herald:?Construction company hopes training program will produce new hires

6/19/14 PBS Newshour:?To tackle racial disparity in Wisconsin’s capital, community leaders start with the very young

6/20/14 Capital Times:?Watch the video: Madison’s racial disparities focus of PBS NewsHour report

May 2014

5/28/14 Capital Times:?How Epic Systems received a prominent mention in Forbes

March 2014

3/17/14 Capital Times:??Paul Fanlund: Madison’s black leaders are taking charge of a new movement

3/17/14 Capital Times:??School District, Urban League dropout recovery program gives its first second chance
3/16/14 Capital Times:??Urban League’s Emerge Gala will honor young professionals and other local leaders

3/14/14 Capital Times:?Noble Wray takes reins at the Urban League of Greater Madison

3/12/14 Capital Times -??Ray Allen: Urban League is much bigger than any one individual

3/12/14 Capital Times -??The Urban League is essential to Madison’s future

February 2014

2/18/14 Capital Times -??New Dane County program aims to fill trades jobs, narrow racial disparities gap

2/18/14? Badger Herald -??Project Big Step to connect county’s unemployed with skilled construction jobs

2/17/14 UW News -??Student Personnel Association addresses evolving world of higher ed

2/16/14 WSJ -?Justified Anger meeting touts solutions to city’s racial problems

2/16/14 Capital Times -??Hundreds fill Fountain of Life for Rev. Alex Gee’s ‘redemptive’ town hall

2/14/14 WSJ -??Wisconsin Fast Forward grants will help train employees

2/6/2014:?WSJ -? Kaleem Caire to receive first-ever Donald Driver ‘Driven to Achieve Award’

2/3/2014:?WSJ Editorial – 17 million ways to make change in Dane County

Madison Magazine -?The State of Our Schools

January 2014

1/29/2014:?Madison Commons – Education programs take on Madison’s achievement gap

1/19/2014:?The Capital Times – MLK Breakfast recognizes outstanding Madison-area youth

1/13/2014:?The Capital Times – Gloria Ladson-Billings: ‘Nice Madison’ is in denial about racism


April 2013

4-10-13: National Urban League releases 2013 State of Black America: “Redeem the Dream: Jobs Rebuild America.

February 2013

2-21-2013: Madison Commons: Urban League helps recruit diverse staff for MMSD

2-21-2013: Cell Awareness Blood Drive: Getting into the donation habit

2-08-2013: Urban League Strongly Supports the Decision on Madison Superintendent

December 2012

12-13-2012: Advocates for education reform make their case at ULGM’s Educate to Elevate

12-9-2012: Education Forum Shows Divide Persists Over Achievement Gap Strategy

12-6-2012: Education Reform Advocates Canada, Legend urge bold changes for Madison schools

12-4-2012: Educate to Elevate

12-3-2012: Education reform talks on tap

November 2012

11-30-2012: John Legend joins event focused on education in Madison

11-28-2012: ULGM’s “Educate to Elevate” Education Innovation Summit

11-14-2012: South Madison community discusses improvement at “Get it Right Night”

11-09-2012: Citizen Dave: Madison’s community centers are worth the investment by the city — and you

October 2012

10-1-2012: Madison360: Yes, the city does attract the poor, Paul Soglin says — so what’s our play?

10-3-2012: Free seminar to help fill job openings at area Target stores

10-4-2012: Urban League Featured Employer Job Seminar Series

10-19-2012: Urban League to host seminar for jobs at Target stores

10-23-2012: Grass Roots: South Madison residents say lack of adult support is holding back their kids

10-24-2012: SMPZ: Get it Right Night

10-31-2012: Black Girls Rock!: A celebration of sisters who are getting it done

10-31-2012: Ed Lee Wrapping Up 17 Years at Urban League


9-1-2012: Fabu: Participate in Black Women’s Wellness Day Sept. 22

9-9-2012: Scrapbook: Student honors, scholarships, class reunions

9-12-2012:?South Madison Community Night: Building community and camaraderie


8-16-2012 Sun Prairie Star: Project REACH Teaches Life Skills

July 2012

7-23-2012 WSJ: Small Business Tips: Diverse workplaces benefit business, region

7-19-2012 Isthmus: Welcome to Park Street

7-3-12 Urban League Congratulates?Interim MMSD Superintendent

May 2012

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings and Dr. Muriel Sims to Receive the 2012 Whitney M. Young, Jr. Equal Opportunity Awards

April 2012

NASCA: NASCA Appoints Kaleem Caire to National Advisory Board

February 2012

2-23-2012 CT: Grass Roots: Peng Her named director of Urban League’s Promise Zone initiative

January 2012

1-30-2012 WSJ: More tutors, fewer evictions and falls?

1-25-2012 WSJ: United Way gives $15 million in grants for 80 groups?

1-19-2012 Sun Prairie Star: 20 area students named Outstanding Young Persons by Madison’s Urban League?

1-19-2012 Madison Times: Urban League of Greater Madison honors outstanding youth?

1-4-2012 Madison Times: ULGM’s Workforce Readiness Program: Support for those committed to changing their employment situation

December 2011

12-28-2011 Madison Commons: Green Ambassadors made door-to-door efforts to increase energy efficiency in homes?

12-15-2011 WSJ: Madison Community Foundation awards $1.2 million in grants?

12-13-2011 CT: One last tribute to a remarkable man: LaMarr Billups?

12-7-2011 Madison Times: Urban League of Greater Madison Community Impact Celebration sets ambitious agenda?

November 2011

11-29-2011 CT: Evjue Foundation announces $185,800 in grants?

11-2-2011 Madison Times: A transformational approach to helping children and families

11-2-2011 Madison Times: Saint Mary

October 2011

10-29-2011 Gift of $300K to go toward a Madison ‘Promise Zone”?

10-29-2011 WISC-TV: Madison Leaders Combat South Side Problems with Promise

10-28-2011 CT: Grass Roots: Urban League declares South Madison a ‘Promise Zone’

September 2011?

9-27-2011: Dane Co. Exec Parisi restores nearly $1.9 million in proposed human services cuts

9-26-2011 WKOW: New center helps job hunters in Madison

9-20-2011 WSJ: Kaleem Caire draws on personal experience to support school alternatives for blacks

August 2011

08-23-2011 Madison Magazine: Madison Urban League Exec Works Hard for the Workers

08-11-2011 CT: Madison Prep Launches Website?

08-09-2011 IBTV: Coffee Break with Kaleem Caire

July 2011

07-29-2011 WISC-TV: Businesses have questions over concealed carry law

07-05-2011 IBMadison: What makes Kaleem Caire tick?

07-01-2011 Madison Times: Reversing a bad educational trend with Madison Preparatory Academy

June 2011?

06-27-2011 All About Living With Carol Koby: The Madison Preparatory Academy for Young Men?

06-22-2011 Downtown Rotary Presentation on The Madison Preparatory Academy for Young Men

06-07-2011 BET: City Urban Leagues Call for More Diversity at the Top

06-06-2011 WSJ: Urban League urges more leadership diversity

06-03-2011 Madison Times: ULGM to host diversity initiative

May 2011?

05-19-2011 NBC15: All-Male Charter School Planned in Madison

05-04-2011 CT: Whose school is it anyway??

05-2011 Simpson Street Free Press: We Support Urban League’s Charter School Proposal

March 2011

March 2011: Madison Magazine: Hardly Child’s Play?and?Common Ground

February 2011

2-18-2011: MPTV’s 4th Street Forum: Inequality-Poverty’s Companion

2-11-2011: Madison Times: Fresh Ideas and Energy at ULGM

January 2011

1-5-2011: Madison Community Foundation: Urban League sees record job placements?

1-3-2011: WSJ: Five people to watch

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