21st Century Careers

What is 21st Century Careers?

The 21st Century Careers Program (Careers) helps students begin to develop their post-secondary and career goals in middle school so that they enter high school prepared for a rigorous pre-college curriculum. The program fosters the connection between academic success and career aspirations through academic tutoring, financial literacy education, college & career exploration, real-world work experiences, and more.

How can you help?

Volunteers are an integral part of our efforts to prepare our youth for the future. The nature and capacity of your commitment can be as simple or advanced as desired. We can accommodate most any schedule. Just a few examples of how you can help:

Guest Speaker
Description: Visit a daytime or after-school classroom and speak for approximately 20 minutes about your job. Afterwards students will be able to ask questions.
Purpose: Helps students become more aware of careers in different fields and the education needed for the job.
Example topics to address: What is a typical day like? Where were you in 8th grade? How did you get to where you are today? What do you like/not like about your job? Did you overcome obstacles to get where you are today?

Schools of Hope
Schools of Hope

Work Site Visit
Description: Help organize a tour of your work site and provide simple explanations of work that is done there.
Purpose: Through observation students will learn about various job atmospheres and cultures, while broadening their awareness of possible career paths.
Examples of Work Site Visit: A biologist gives students a guided tour of his/her lab after school. During the tour, he or she explains the different machines and equipment in the lab and encourages students to ask questions.

Mock Interviewer
Description: Help students practice job interviewing skills.
Purpose: Students get comfortable interviewing for jobs as part of their training for a summer career awareness internship program.

Special Project Example
Description: Help students explore financial concepts.
Purpose: Students learn practical life skills and become comfortable with money management concepts.
Example topics: Real-life budgeting simulation. Stock market game. Opening bank accounts.

Career Awareness Internship Supervisor
Description: Provide student with a real-life job experience.
Purpose: Students practice the work skills taught during the school year in a real workplace setting. Students experience different careers first-hand

Schools of Hope
Schools of Hope

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