The Gift of Forever

Gifts to the Urban League?s endowment funds with the Madison Community Foundation (MCF) last a lifetime, and will ensure a permanent income stream for our mission. An endowment is a permanent investment that grows over time. Each year, a portion of each fund can be distributed to our cause. Rather than a one-time gift, an endowment continually generates resources that will be available forever.

Urban League has two endowment funds: our Workforce Innovation Fund and our Youth Endowment Fund.

Donate Online

Donate online at Madison Community Foundation to either (or both) of our endowment funds.

By Mail

Make a check payable to the Madison Community Foundation with ?ULGM Workforce Innovation Fund? or ?ULGM Youth Endowment Fund? included in the memo field and mail to: Madison Community Foundation, 2 Science Court, Madison, WI 53711

Stock Transfer or Real Estate

Gifts of mutual fund shares, appreciated stock, or real estate may be made by contacting Ann Casey at (608) 232-1763 or [email protected].

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a simple agreement between you and Madison Community Foundation offering significant tax and financial benefits. In exchange for a gift of assets, typically cash or publicly traded stock or mutual fund, MCF pays a guaranteed lifetime income. You can create an annuity for up to two people, and payments can begin immediately or be deferred to a later time. The donor designates the remainder of the annuity to one (or both) of the Urban League Endowment Funds.

Learn more about CGAs

For more information about donating to our Endowment Funds, contact Harmony Kronick, Donor Relations Associate, at (608) 232-1763 or [email protected].

ADVANCE Your Career!

Job boards and classified ads only include about 20% of all available jobs. The Urban League can help you uncover the other 80%! We offer an array of FREE job training, placement, and coaching services as well as access to a network of the region’s premier employers.

Our Locations

Center for Workforce & Economic Development
2222 S. Park St. | Madison, WI 53713

Southwest Madison Employment Center
1233 McKenna Blvd. | Madison, WI 53719



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We rely on over 500 volunteers, 10,000 hours of volunteerism, donations from individuals, and sponsorship of our events and programs to ensure our services are free. Join us in fulfilling our mission!

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